There is a war between good and evil.


It began with the first humans; their unique ability to see themselves (self-awareness) made evil possible.

This war will go on for as long as we do: good and evil are inherent in each of us.

Good can win battles but never the war, because evil is resurgent. But evil can win.

Everyone has a side in this war. If they do not consciously choose good, then by default they choose evil, for evil’s greatest weapon is the permission of indifference. Evil can win by inaction, while good can only win through deliberate effort.

Most people fraternise with the enemy.  They assist both sides, perhaps in different contexts. Sometimes they change their main side, and they may change back.

Their net contribution is heavily weighted; evil is stronger, more virulent and longer-lasting than good.

Evil is easy, sexy, persuasive and mostly hidden, out of mind. Good is hard, demanding and dangerous.

This website is for people who have recognised the war and made a decision to be on the side of good.

It starts out being about policing because that’s what I know, but it soon reaches out from there.

Policing should be the front line of a community’s war against evil, but police are humans too and police forces are a mix of good and evil roughly paralleling the community which sets their rules of engagement.

A pure police force would be a community’s best weapon in the war against evil. So let’s start there.

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Lou Stonehouse