About ten per cent of people have a moral code they do not cross, not even when it advantages them, not even if there is no-one watching and they can certainly get away with it. Sometimes, not even if it costs them their life. Their moral boundaries are internally set and essential to their own idea of who they are. Society can’t do much to change their minds.

About ten per cent of people will do whatever best suits them that minute, regardless. Rather than guilt, they may even prefer and actively enjoy being unhelpful, anti-social, dishonest, criminal, even what most people would call evil. They may feel morally justified in burning the world. Society can’t do much to change their minds.

In the middle are about 80% of people who do mostly what society expects of them, at least when they are being watched or they are likely to get caught if they transgress. Little things they can get away with they will.  They might even consider big things, if the chances of getting caught seem small. It is with them that corruption starts, an inch at a time. They are where crime can start to build a society and grow strong. When evil is ascendant they will be its willing executioners.

These people are the battleground in the war between good and evil.  Our challenge is to build a society that constrains them by social expectation – and a clear, high probability of being caught and punished. A society that leads them – happily – to lead good lives.